Our founders and core team:


Angie McArthur

Angie McArthur is currently co-authoring with Dr. Markova two new books to be published by Random House: Collaborative Intelligence and Relational Intelligence. She previously authored and developed the SmartWired Activity sets and training manuals. She has worked extensively with youth as a founder of SmartWired since 2004, developing materials, interactive websites, and delivering programs around the world in multiple languages to help children and the adults who support them bring out their best. She has also worked with SmartWired’s affiliate Professional Thinking Partners since 1998, co-facilitating and designing global conferences, keynote speeches, leadership retreats, training programs, and ongoing one-on-one Thinking Partnerships in organizations from non-profits to Fortune 500s. She is also one of the creators of the Worldwide Women’s Web, a network formed in 2001 to retain women in corporate leadership roles. As an expert in perceptual learning patterns, she has developed communication strategies for authors, corporations and CEO's, and the Executive Champions Workshop. She has also designed interactive web assessments and products for corporate training programs.


Dawna Markova, Ph.D.

Dr. Dawna Markova is SmartWired’s co-founder and muse. An internationally known author and expert in the fields of learning, perception, and asset-focus, Dawna has established learning communities across the United States, led workshops on maximizing individual and team talent and served as a thinking partner to CEOs and senior executives around the world. She is the author of many books, including A Spot of Grace, I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, The Smart Parenting Revolution, The Open Mind book and audio series, No Enemies Within, How Your Child IS Smart, and Learning Unlimited. She is co-authoring with Angie McArthur two new books to be published by Random House: Collaborative Intelligence and Relational Intelligence. She is also renowned for public speaking and has been hired by multiple global organizations to deliver keynotes to thousands of participants.


David Peck

David Peck is  a founding partner of SmartWired, and leads our technology and multimedia initiatives. David has designed and produced software and web applications including Pitch, The Smart Navigator and The Mind Museum; produced and directed training films including Bridging Our Differences; and co-developed SmartWired's many print and physical products that support its training initiatives. David is also the managing partner of Professional Thinking Partners, and has managed many client initiatives engagements from Fortune 500 companies to global nonprofit foundations. A former Junior Olympic skier and frequent contributor to outdoor sports magazines, David continues to search for new ways to incorporate the lessons of peak physical performance and the flow state into work and family life. Lastly, he was exposed to smart parenting early on: David is Dawna Markova's son and they've been work colleagues for nearly 20 years.


Paul Sutherland

Paul Sutherland is a founding board member and chairman of the Utopia Foundation, a global non-profit targeted at supporting and nourishing children at need. He is also President and Chief Investment Officer of Financial & Investment Management Group, Ltd. (FIMGroup),where he has managed global, values-driven investment portfolios for almost 30 years.

Paul is the author of numerous books on financial planning and money management, including Zenvesting: The Art of Abundance & Managing Money, The Virtue of Wealth , Veterinarian’s Guide to Financial Planning: From School to Retirement, 12 Steps to a Care-Free Retirement and the AMA Guide to Financial Planning. He is a regular columnist for Spirituality & Health magazine and has been interviewed by Bloomberg News, Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Transcript, Investors Business Daily (IBD), Investment News, Money Magazine and others. 

Paul is Co-founder of the Children of the World Foundation, past Chairman of the Traverse City Rotary Club’s World Community Service Committee, past Chairman of Safe Passage and current board member, as well as Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Utopia Foundation. Paul also has five children of his own, and is author of two illustrated children’s books Mani and Pitui and Finding Utopia.