SmartWired and the Smart Parenting Revolution

Inside every child is a unique brilliance.
Unlocking this brilliance opens a world of possibility.


The Smart Parenting Revolution is a collaboration sponsored by SmartWired: an organization dedicated to helping kids and young adults, and their parents, teachers, coaches and mentors, maximize their capabilities and bring out their best in all areas of life. Using a revolutionary asset-focused approach, we help youth identify their innate gifts and strengthen their natural patterns of intelligence to reach their potential.

Our Philosophy
SmartWired’s individualized approach is based on four core principles:

Think of Differences as Resources rather than Disorders
We know now there are many kinds of intelligence. We need to understand there are also many ways a child accesses and expresses those intelligences: think of violins and flutes. Each child’s brain is a unique instrument and thus has a particular way it is meant to be played, specific conditions that are needed if it is to express its own music. Intellectual diversity is a natural condition and gift to our species.

Track Assets rather than Deficits
What is natural for the infant’s brain is to track success and discard failure. Like a heat-seeking device, when a baby learns to drink from a cup for instance, the brain records each correct contact with the cup and ignores each miss. As a consequence, in its first two years, a baby is able to learn the two most complex neurological tasks required of humans: walking and talking. That’s because when we track assets, we increase the speed and depth of learning.

Think of Mistakes as Experiments rather than Failures
The latest research in cognitive neurobiology indicates that experiences actually shape the structure of the brain. Every child needs to be encouraged to explore his or her world through experimentation. In the attempt to standardize the way we measure children’s learning, we are giving them the message that getting it right is more important than having the experiences that will build trust in their own capacity.

Learn from the Inside Out as well as the Outside In
For the past three hundred years, schools and parents have been instructing from the outside in. We decide what they should learn and how they should learn it; we determine how long it should take and how to evaluate when it has been learned. The result is that school often feels peripheral to their lives. When we educate from the inside out, our children develop the capacity to discern what is right for them. They become adults who trust their own judgment and ability to determine the direction their life should take.

Taken together, these principles, confirmed by the latest in cognitive neuroscience, will empower children of all ages to maximize their success at school and in life.