Smart Parenting Revolution-new products for summer

It’s an exciting time for us at SmartWired and Smart Parenting Revolution: months (well, years really) of planning, work, and development is finally culminating into a new slate of products we can put out into the world to help parents and their children. We just released the book I AM Smart: a Guide to Recognizing and Developing Your Child’s Natural Strengths by our own Dawna Markova, Ph.D. and Angie McArthur. This is a usable guidebook version of the time-tested book Dawna wrote for Ballantine in 2005, The Smart Parenting Revolution, and is updated for today’s busy parents who need immediate tools and processes they can employ to help their children understand how they best learn and communicate. It’s available on our web store and on Amazon, with a Kindle and iBooks version coming soon.

Next up is our new parenting app Smart Spark: Ignite Your Child’s Learning Potential, due in the iOS app store in early July. We’re “stoked” to get this in the hands of parents, since it’s a fun, engaging experience for them and their children to learn together how they learn, and to share everything they know about what brings out their child’s best with teachers, tutors, coaches, and family members. It will also allow parents to receive outside observations about what helps their child, and store it in a permanent record we call the “Smart Passport.” This is supported by all the research that focusing on what a child does well, rather than trying to “fix” his or her weaknesses, will result not only in excellence and achievement in school and all aspects of life, but a greater sense of engagement, purpose, and happiness.

Finally, Angie has been incredibly busy the past two-plus years writing two books with Dawna for Random House, the first of which, Collaborative Intelligence: Thinking with People Who Think Differently, gets released on August 11th, with corresponding publicity and media. And her Ted talk about Collaborative Intelligence at TedX Traverse City, for which she gave her 18 minutes in mid-May (but really about 200 hours of writing, refining, and practice), will be online soon on their web site. We’ll share it on our site and with our Facebook fans when it’s available.

Finally (really this time), we just participated in a summit hosted by Central Michigan University with 200+ experts in early childhood development concerned with improving all aspects of life for children, including health, brain science/learning, policy, and poverty. It was eye-opening for sure, and hopefully our contribution of asset-focused learning techniques can help the youth and parent populations in general.

We hope summer treats you and your children well, and look forward to hearing how our offerings can help you in your parenting journey!

--David Peck, SmartWired co-founder (and Angie’s husband)